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All in One - On center Warranty.
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On Center Warranty
All In One

The service of “On Center warranty” meets the end user requests to restore the functions of all-in-one solutions at the state of art the state of art of leaving the factory. The refresh of software programming and added peripherals are to consider actions out of warranty.

The service is charged to the reseller that sold the product: the transport to Yashi will be under the responsability of the end user and the technical department will fix the damage.

Prior consultation, Yashi Technical Partner is authorized to substitute the parts, otherwise the PC need to return to Yashi laboratory.

In any cases, the products has to be placed in the original packaging.

- Effective date

The service is effective from the date of purchase of the product, subject to the sharing of the receipt where the serial number of the monitor is indicated.

Without receipt, the warranty is effective from the date of production recorded in the data base of yashi Italia.

The duration of the warranty depends on the product category and it is indicated on under each features.

Yashi Italia protects resellers and distributors by considering a tolerance of up to six months for distributors and up to two months for resellers between the exit invoice from the factory and the invoice to the end user shown with the invoice/receipt request.

- Operating methods for the technical assistance under warranty.

The warranty needs to be approved by Yashi Italia through declared authorization and number of return (RMA- return merchandise authorization).

It is possible to open a new ticket at the and to fill the necessary information for receiving the best assistance service under warranty.

You will be asked to provide the serial number written on each product and the copy of invoice of purchase, in addition to all the important infos to diagnose the technical issue. Any photos can be uploaded to shorten the times of resolution.

The service is active from 09,00 to 12,00 and from 14,30 to 17,30 on every working days.

- Timing of resolution

The service is provided in time with the return of product in the laboratory and the availability of spare parts. No precise times will given.

At the moment of the purchase of the product, it is preferable to consider a short period without the personal computer if under repairing.

- Service Limitations

Yashi is not liable in any way for data loss suffered by the customer even in the case of hardware failure.

Parts subject to normal wear and tear enjoy a 12-month limited warranty (keyboards, mice, batteries,switches and buttons, external cabinet parts, fans... etc.)

All faults due to carelessness, negligence or wilful intent on the part of the user involved, accommodation without adequate ventilation or near excessive sources of heat or magnetic fields, modifications, faults resulting from inefficiency of the user's electrical system, lightning, flooding, damage to the system by incorrect installation of third-party products (e.g. memory cards), by viruses or other software tampering of any kind are handled as extraordinary interventions for a fee.

Interventions to restore the original preinstalled software, if attributable to hardware failure, are understood to be the responsibility of the service department and limited to the state of art of leaving the factory.

A prerequisite for carrying out the software restoration operation is that the customer has kept all Drivers and documentation supplied with the system in the "accessories and software" box.

Any works attributable to expected causes outside the contract or additional services provided are chargeable to the user, according to the official extraordinary services outside the contract rates below and do not include spare parts.

Fees are settled directly with the technician with payment upon completion of the repair.

Non-payment for out-of-warranty work automatically implies suspension of the service.

Price for transport of return of product: based on dimension and destination of product.

Hourly labour cost for work on Server or Workstation products € 60.00

Hourly labour cost for work on professional Home or Desktop PCs € 40.00

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