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Video cable DVI - HDMI, troubleshooting for audio
Last Updated 2 years ago

Using HDMI / DVI / VGA ports not only makes a difference in the amount of data sent to the monitor. For this reason, among the 3 ports taken into reference, only the HDMI port can carry data for Video and Audio.

If you use standard HDMI to HDMI (video and audio), DVI to DVI (video), VGA to VGA (video) cables, you will hardly encounter any problems. In the case of DVI to HDMI (monitor) problems arise, because the Windows software automatically assigns audio playback via HDMI. In fact, from the computer, to which the cable is connected to the DVI port, no audio data will come out.

Even attaching the audio cable with jack connector to both the PC and the monitor things do not change, what to do?

- Open the control panel and go to the audio section or in the windows 10 search type 'playback'.

- disable the output using the HDMI cable and instead activate the other one offering the audio jack

Now the audio should work.

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