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Products eligible for DOA
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Products eligible for DOA

DOA is a special procedure of immediate assistance that Yashi Italia applies to products (except for the TOTEM category) that present malfunctions at the time of purchase and do not conform to the declared characteristics.

Yashi Italia will repair the product or replace it with an equal, equivalent or improved product.

Yashi Italia requires the return of the damaged or faulty product upon arrival to verify its condition and to establish the best operational solution.

Yashi Italia guarantees the DOA procedure the highest priority to shorten the technical time to solve the problem.

- Effective date

The service will run from the date of sale of the product upon presentation of the sales document showing the serial number of the product.

In the absence of adequate documentation, the warranty will run from the production date recorded in the Yashi Italia information system.

The customer has 5 working days from delivery to report any faults and malfunctions on arrival.

In the event of damage to the product by Yashi Italia contracted carrier, (shock, scratches or visible damage on the packaging or concealed) the time for reporting the defect is 5 working days, see in detail below under warranty limitations.

- Operating methods for the technical assistance under warranty.

The warranty needs to be approved by Yashi Italia through declared authorization and number of return (RMA- return merchandise authorization).

It is possible to open a new ticket at the and to fill the necessary information for receiving the best assistance service under warranty.

You will be asked to provide the serial number written on each product and the copy of invoice of purchase, in addition to all the important infos to diagnose the technical issue. Any photos can be uploaded to shorten the times of resolution.

- Timing

The service is provided in the time required for production, logistical supply and product dispatch.

-Limitations of the DOA Warranty

Yashi will not be liable for damage caused by the customer's contracted carrier (carriage paid or carriage forward).

The material delivered by a Yashi Italia approved courier in proto-destination, is insured for loss or damage.

Customers are advised to check the material carefully upon receipt even if the packaging is apparently intact.

Failure to properly report as per the instructions below implies the non-recognition of the DOA procedure.

Yashi Italia reserves the right not to recognise the DOA and the Warranty on the product, in cases in which it is evident that the device has suffered clear signs of impacts and gravitational stress, scratches, if these have not been adequately reported as damage caused by the carrier.

We remind you of the instructions for obtaining the timely return of damaged or lost material from the carrier:

  • Check the number of packages you are receiving: it must be the same as the number marked on the transport document (or courier delivery note).
  • Check the external condition of the packages: they must not show any damage or have been tampered with (e.g. closed with non-original but carrier's tape, damaged packaging).
  • If the carried out checks reveal an anomaly, sign the transport document (delivery note or carrier's delivery slip) affixing a RESERVE, a right enshrined in the Civil Code (Art. No. 1698) and specifying the type of anomaly found (e.g. reserve for N packages missing, reserve for package with broken carton)
  • Send a copy of the documentation when opening the call

Visible accidental shock damage not reported as caused by the carrier

The non-recognition of damaged-on-arrival (DOA) status does not limit the normal recognition of warranty according to product standards.

For all cases of damage caused by the carrier, please send photographic documentation with photos of the outer packaging and the damaged product to

In case of incorrect reporting and negative DOA or non-compliance with the above conditions, Yashi Italia reserves the right to apply a penalty of € 25.00 plus carriage charges.

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